Contingent Pre-Registration

It will soon be time to register for the 67th Gilwell find old friends and to make new ones. Have your Contingent on board before the Registration Deadline of 1 July, 2018


The 2018 registration fees have not been set


The 2018 Contingent Registration Package is not yet available.


The Contingent Registration spreadhseet must be received by July 1, 2018 to guarantee that your contingent has a place on the field. We need this information to file with the Town of Milton. You do not have to submit the individual registration forms at this time, but you will lose your discount if you don't.

We also ask that you register electronically which means please fill in the forms on your computer and email them to the registrar. It saves a lot of typing and there is less chance of error and/or omissions.

Come to Registration in the lower level of Ridley Lodge for those who are last minute add-ons.

NOTE: Contingent registrations will be held at the lower level of Ridley Lodge (H-Hut). Pre-registered contingents may pick up their registration kits at the lower level of Ridley Lodge. Large groups should send more than one representative (with a little wagon/trolley/dolly) to collect their goods.

Late walk-in registrants will receive their registration kits when they register.  Walk-ins should report to Registration located in the lower level of Ridley Lodge - no need to line up twice!



  • Sites with electrical outlets for medical or life support devices are available. THESE MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE WITH THE BLUE SPRINGS CAMP COMMITTEE. A fee of $20.00 is applicable, paid directly to the Camp Committee. To make arrangements, e-mail    N.B. This service is not available through the Gilwell Registration Committee, the Blue Springs Camp Office, or the Central Ontario Administration Centre in Toronto.
  • All Gilwellians attending the Reunion must be: a registered member in good standing of Scouts Canada, B-P Guild or member of an organization recognized by the World Organization Scouting Movements (WOSM) [e.g. Boy Scouts of America, The Scout Association (UK)] having completed Advanced Wood Badge training in any section or service role. These persons would pay the Reunion registration fee.
  • All contingent pre-registrations with a participant list, and home Councils, must be postmarked no later than 1 July, 2018, to qualify for the Early Bird Registration Fee.  Late registration fee are in effect after after 1 July.
  • On the registration form please indicate your marquee size plus the name of the rental company, if you are renting. Marquees over 645 sq ft require an engineer's drawing and all require a Flame Retardant Certificate meeting Canadian Test S109. If every contingent follows these guidelines we should have no problem accommodating all the contingents that wish to register.


Registrar:    Ontario Gilwell Reunion


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2013 Log n Beads available for Download


A .pdf version of the Log n Beads has been uploaded and is available to be downloaded.  Visit the Archive section in the Download Area or click on the following link:  2013 Final Edition of the Log n Beads



Dear Fellow Gilwellians:

            One of our biggest goals each year is to increase our registration numbers and each year we think we have. The problem lies in the fact that we are aware that there are many Gilwellians who do attend, but thru unknown reason forget to register. They are then not counted in! We see this happen every year. Perhaps with all of the excitement of the weekend, it’s simply an oversight… and I’d like to think so.

            This year our committee has decided to return to our wrist band policy in an effort to ensure that every Gilwellian in attendance is counted in. You may think this is a lot of work to account for the missed few but you’d be surprised at the number we suspect are not registering. And as you know, our costs continue to increase so there is the lost revenue to be concerned with.

            So this year “BAND YOUR BEADS!”…No need to put your wrist band on your wrist…simply attach them to your beads! That way all will see that, YES, you are a “beaded” Gilwellian and YES you’ve registered!

            Our registration team will be mailing out the wrist bands to the contingent registrars for all who have pre-registered in the coming weeks so they may get them to their members. All others will receive them at Registration on arrival Friday and Saturday of Reunion weekend.

            See you in September!


Yours in Scouting!

Dave Malcolm

2013 Gilwell Reunion Committee Chair

Gilwell Reunion Registration Spreadsheet 2013 - revised


Early submissions have revealed a couple of minor errors on the spreadsheet, plus the need for clarification when you’re recording contingent members orders on the Individuals spreadsheet.

The updated spreadsheet is attached, and I have asked it to be posted to the web site.

Please note that if, for example, you are ordering a mug (at $5.00) for a member, then you only put a 1 (numerical one) in the box, signifying one mug; or 2 if that individual is ordering two mugs. Do not put the dollar value (i.e. $5.00) as this corrupts the spreadsheet.

If you do find the spreadsheet difficult to use and would prefer just to use just a summary page, please let me know and I will provide.

Kindest Regards,Scouter Stewart

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