Contingent Pre-Registration

It will soon be time to register for the 67th Gilwell find old friends and to make new ones. Have your Contingent on board before the Registration Deadline of 1 July, 2018


The 2018 registration fees have not been set


The 2018 Contingent Registration Package is not yet available.


The Contingent Registration spreadhseet must be received by July 1, 2018 to guarantee that your contingent has a place on the field. We need this information to file with the Town of Milton. You do not have to submit the individual registration forms at this time, but you will lose your discount if you don't.

We also ask that you register electronically which means please fill in the forms on your computer and email them to the registrar. It saves a lot of typing and there is less chance of error and/or omissions.

Come to Registration in the lower level of Ridley Lodge for those who are last minute add-ons.

NOTE: Contingent registrations will be held at the lower level of Ridley Lodge (H-Hut). Pre-registered contingents may pick up their registration kits at the lower level of Ridley Lodge. Large groups should send more than one representative (with a little wagon/trolley/dolly) to collect their goods.

Late walk-in registrants will receive their registration kits when they register.  Walk-ins should report to Registration located in the lower level of Ridley Lodge - no need to line up twice!




Registrar:    Ontario Gilwell Reunion