Ontario Gilwell Reunion

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The Roarin' 20's

September 9th - 11th, 2022



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Dear Fellow Gilwellians,

We are less than six months to Reunion and the big question on everyone's mind is will we have an in-person Reunion. I truly wish that I and the Reunion Committee could give you a firm answer. Anyone have a reliable crystal ball? The rollout for vaccines is slowly ramping up across Ontario (both my daughter in England and son in California have had theirs!!} and it is impossible to predict how and when it will change restrictions. In true Scouting fashion, we will be prepared. Should the Camp be available and fewer restrictions permit large gatherings, we will do our best.

If necessary, we will hold another virtual Reunion. Hopefully, the contingents and all Gilwellians will be prepared should that be the case. Personally, I was amazed at last year's virtual event.

Facebook has thrown us a challenge. For those not on Facebook, or in the Gilwell Facebook group, you will no longer be able to view our site. This was a Facebook policy change. You need to become a member of the Gilwell Facebook group to participate or view if we end up having a virtual Reunion.

Don't wish to be on Facebook? Relax, I am with you. I joined Facebook and Reunion group solely because I am the Chair and needed to be involved in last year's virtual. The only thing that I use my Facebook account for is Reunion. Fear not, no one can follow you or make you their "friend" if you choose, like I have to not be involved. The choice is still yours.

Should you decide to join the Reunion group, it will need to be well in advance of Reunion so that our talented Social Media Guru, Katherine, has time to admit you to the group. (*please be sure to answer the membership questions when asking for membership in the group as it can affect whether or not your are approved.)

Our incredible Committee that I am honored to chair has completed the tedious task of updating all of the job descriptions and procedures in preparation for our next Reunion. Really, we are prepared.

We will update you as soon as we know more. Watch for something after our next meeting in May.

Stay safe and hopefully we will meet in September


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