Representing Gilwellians Under 30

The Young Gilwellian Representative (YGR):

  • Represents the younger Gilwellians (ages 16 to 30) and not any specific contingent
  • Elected by Gilwellians ages 16 - 30 (as of election date)
  • Is a Voting Member of the Reunion Committee.

The purpose of this position is to give a large voice to the younger Gilwellians who attend the reunion.


YGR can be contacted via email at:

Or follow us on Twitter @YoungGilwellian

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Corrected Contingent Registration spreadsheet now available.


Someone spotted a small error with the spreadsheet – a cell that should have been accessible was protected in error.  A corrected version has now been made available. 

Click - Here - to visit the Contingent Pre-Registration page.

Contingent Registration Packages are now available


The 2013 Contingent Registration Package is now available to be downloaded.  Click - Here - to go to the page.

2013 BBQ Cookoff


The details for the 2013 BBQ Cookoff (hosted by the Young Gilwellians) are now available in the Spring Log n Beads.

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