Spring Log n Beads


The Spring Edition of the Log n Beads provides information for Contingents & individuals who are planning to attend the annual Ontario Gilwell Reunion.

Log `n' Bends is published twice a year by the Ontario Gilwell Reunion Committee.  The Reunion Edition is made available to registered participants of the Ontario Gilwell Reunion. Opinions expressed in Log `N' Beads are those of the authors however, everything is reviewed by the Committee. The Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any editorial or other material

Copyright © 1951 Ontario Gilwell Reunion Committee. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be printed in whole or in part without written permission from the Ontario Gilwell Reunion Committee


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Openings still available in the Marketplace


The Marketplace will be held on Saturday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm on Whiskin Field.  If you are running a Scouting event in the near future, or are a member of a group that can provide resources that could benefit Scouting groups, the Marketplace is an opportunity for you to let other Scouters know.

There are still spots available.  Download the application for - Here - or email Sandra, the Committee Chair at chair@ontgilwell.scouter.ca

Revised Two Beader (Aug 2015) is now available


Please click the link to download the Aug 2015 version of the Two Beader.

Aug 2015 Two Beader is Available for Download


Please click the link to download the Aug 2015 version of the Two Beader.

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