Booking Buildings at Blue Springs





  1. A Communiqué will be issued after the February meeting to all Contingent Reps informing them of what is available, the fees and occupancy numbers.  The Communqie will include the deadline for the submission of a Request and the contact information for the Committee member who is managing the process - currently the Past-chair of the Reunion Committee.
  2. To request a building, the Contingent should include: Contingent Name, Contact persion and the Contingent's  first and second choice.
  3. All requests will be brought to the agenda of the May meeting of the Ontario Gilwell Reunion Committee under New Business.
  4. If more than 1 (one) Contingent requests the same location, all names will be placed in a "Hat" and 1 (one) pulled. The remainders will be allocated to their alternate unless more than 1 (one) is again requested.
  5. If more than 1 (one) Contingent requests the same alternate repeat Step 4 above, unless the Alternate went as a Primary Request.
  6. If no alternate is listed, or in both draws the Contingent is unsuccessful, the "Luck of the Draw shall be final".
  7. On Monday, immediately following the Saturday May meeting, the Past-Chair shall contact all "Requesting Contingents" and inform them as to the outcome of their request.
  8. The Past-Chair will then call the Camping Department, at the Central Ontario Administration Centre and provide the name of the successful Contingent, including contact person and billing address information.
  9. The Camping Department will then invoice accordingly and forward any accompanying Camp Rules poste haste.

N.B. Contingents will be made aware of the following:

  1. This is a REQUEST ONLY, and not binding upon the Reunion Committee or Scouts Canada.
  2. Only 1 (one) main and 1 (one) alternate request will be accepted, if there are more on the list only the first and second will be considered.
  3. The decision of the Committee is final and non-negotiable.
  4. All monies due are payable to the Central Ontario Administration Centre upon receipt. Failure to do so within 60 (sixty) calendar days negates a successful request, thus allowing the next Contingent "first right of refusal". If no other Contingent requested said building/adirondak, a Communiqué will be issued announcing availability and the process shall begin again, however with a much shorter turnaround time.
  5. NSF cheques will precipitate the same results as  4. above. The only exception to this will be a Bank/Financial Institute acknowledged/rectified error.
  6. The Camping Department will inform the Past-Chair of infractions 4. and 5. as soon as possible in order that the Past-Chair may re-book the space.
  7. Refunds shall be in accordance with current Scout Canada policies.



The following is a list of on-site accommodations that may be available for request at the Reunion. Included are: the number of occupants per site; what each offers and the fee.

BUILDING Capacity Features Facilities Cost
Acton Hut 8     $60
Adirondack #1 10   KYBOS $60
Adirondack #2 10   KYBOS $60
Adirondack #3 10   KYBOS $60
Mallard Nest Pavillion 10 Enclosed Wood Stove $85
Crab Apple Pavillion 10 Enclosed Wood Stove $85
Swallow Nest Pavillion 10 Enclosed   $85
Murray Lodge        









Please submit your request for accommodation indicating your Contingents first and second choice of buildings to Ontario Gilwell Reunion Past Chair.

Contingent: ____________________________________________________________

Coontingent Contact _____________________________________________________

First Building Choice: ____________________________________________________

Second Building Choice: _________________________________________________

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