Camping at the Reunion

(General Guidelines for each Reunion Participant)

Guidelines for Participants

  • You must be a Gilwellian to attend Reunion
  • Woodbadge beads must be worn at all times
  • Day visitors must register by visiting Registration located in the lower level of Ridley Lodge.
  • No alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs
  • Pets and children are not permitted
  • Only hand moved wheeled vehicles allowed on the main field as directed by Control
  • No selling of any article unless authorization has been obtained from Scouts Canada and the Reunion Committee at or before the Feb. meeting of Gilwell Committee
  • Sleep areas are quiet from 11:00pm until 8:00am
  • Sing songs and other fun activities are to be held on the Marquee Fields
  • The Committee wishes to remind our fellow Gilwellians that the Code of Conduct applies to us in the way we treat our youth and the way we treat our adult volunteers. What you may think is fun, your newbies may find humiliating and embarrassing and we ask you to consider that before you dress them up or what ever you intend to do to/with them.  We can't nor won't force you to do anything but we want attendance to go up and not down. The argument that "I had to go through it" does not make it right.
  • Registration packages can be downloaded from the Ontario Gilwell Reunion Website

Camp Layout

  • Goat Hill and Blue Heron are reserved for sleeping areas as identified
  • All cooking and eating restricted to Whiskin & Ebor Park Field. Other areas of Blue Springs and Blue Heron may be assigned for special purposes during the week-end


  • No vehicles are allowed on the fields
  • After unloading at the assigned area, vehicles are to be returned to the Parking area
  • An area in the parking lot will be designated for Medical Parking


  • Keep your waste to a minimum
  • There is no composting or recycling on site.
  • Take bagged waste with you when you leave:  Pack It In - Pack It Out.  The Reunion will be charged $20 for each bag that Contingents leave behind.  Help the Reunion keep the costs low.
  • Grey water is to be deposited in bins provided


  • Outdoor toilets (KYBOS) are provided
  • Toilets are designated Male - Female
  • Ridley Lodge is OUT-OF-BOUNDS


  • Drop tent immediately
  • Sound alarm (3 whistle blasts)

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The Reunion Committee would like your feedback!


If you attended the 2017 Ontario Gilwell Reunion, we would like to hear your feedback.

What should we keep doing?

What should we continue to do but with some changes?

What should we stop?


Please send your comments to

Final version of the Log N Beads for 2017 is now Available


The final version (in .pdf format) is now available for download.  You download the file by clicking - Here -

Download the latest Two Beader (Aug 2017)


In preparation for the Reunion which is days away, the lastest Two Beader is now available for Download.  -- Click Here --

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