Fire Prevention

We wish to address all contingents attending this year's reunion on the issue of safety and the reality of fire prevention prior to coming to this year's reunion.

  • Please ensure that all of the equipment that you intend to use at the reunion for cooking has already been pre-tested prior to setting up at the reunion. Last year we encountered several contingents that had very poorly maintained cooking equipment and this cost you time set backs on when you could start to cook. Some of you did not have any spare equipment and had to run into town to procure whatever you were required to get. This setback can be avoided by thoroughly checking your equipment first.
  • When planning for the Reunion, do not forget to plan for safety.  Included in the equipment your Contingent needs to bring are certified fire extinguishers and/or pails for water.

Each contingent is asked to appoint, or vote, or delegate a fire safety officer.

  • Last year we ran into several contingents where they didn't even know who the person was, let alone was he/she there to sign off on the inspection.
  • Please ensure that your delegated fire officer is on the "first to arrive in crew". This helps to speed things up when getting your equipment checked out by us.


Please watch for our people wearing the red fireman's helmets.


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The Reunion Committee would like your feedback!


If you attended the 2017 Ontario Gilwell Reunion, we would like to hear your feedback.

What should we keep doing?

What should we continue to do but with some changes?

What should we stop?


Please send your comments to

Final version of the Log N Beads for 2017 is now Available


The final version (in .pdf format) is now available for download.  You download the file by clicking - Here -

Download the latest Two Beader (Aug 2017)


In preparation for the Reunion which is days away, the lastest Two Beader is now available for Download.  -- Click Here --

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