First Aid

First Aid is on the west side of Ridley Lodge - the entrance is by the paved loop

If someone requires assistance, we are available 24 hours a day.

First Aiders will transport your casualty safely - please do not carry someone to us if they are not well.

If you are a first aider, doctor or nurse and want to offer your assistance, stop by and you are welcome.We always appreciate extra help.

A REMINDER TO EARLY BIRDS: Working contingents should designate their own First Aid Personnel until the MedVents are on site. (Friday at 6:OO PM)


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The Reunion Committee would like your feedback!


If you attended the 2017 Ontario Gilwell Reunion, we would like to hear your feedback.

What should we keep doing?

What should we continue to do but with some changes?

What should we stop?


Please send your comments to

Final version of the Log N Beads for 2017 is now Available


The final version (in .pdf format) is now available for download.  You download the file by clicking - Here -

Download the latest Two Beader (Aug 2017)


In preparation for the Reunion which is days away, the lastest Two Beader is now available for Download.  -- Click Here --

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