This year there will be at least 25 portable Kybos in addition to the permanent ones. They will be set up in strategic locations throughout the camp. Markers on field will designate use, Male or Female. They have the usual amenities, except running water. Please DO NOT throw kitchen waste into the Kybos. Please make sure that only sanitary waste is discarded into the portables. Anything else makes pumping out difficult and costly.

The flush toilets and showers in Ridley Lodge (aka the H Hut or Training lodge) are out-of-bounds.



Waste or Grey Water disposal is available for waste cooking and washing liquids only. Cutlery should be removed before dumping. Garbage should go into the appropriate disposal bins. Solid items clog up tank drains and suction hoses, delaying emptying the tanks and causing additional expense.


To respond to the needs of contingents that have distances to travel with garbage, the Reunion Committee will have garbage bins on site to receive contingent garbage this year.   Where possible, please take home the recycle items, to be environmentally friendly.


There is no provision for Recycling or Composting at Blue Springs.  Each Contingent is requested to look after their own.


Outdoor washing facilities for personal cleanliness are available as usual at Ebor Park and Blue Heron. Wet naps are available for personal use only at the Kybos. Showers and in-door facilities will be available this year.


All cooking and eating will be done in kitchens on the main fields.



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The Reunion Committee would like your feedback!


If you attended the 2017 Ontario Gilwell Reunion, we would like to hear your feedback.

What should we keep doing?

What should we continue to do but with some changes?

What should we stop?


Please send your comments to

Final version of the Log N Beads for 2017 is now Available


The final version (in .pdf format) is now available for download.  You download the file by clicking - Here -

Download the latest Two Beader (Aug 2017)


In preparation for the Reunion which is days away, the lastest Two Beader is now available for Download.  -- Click Here --

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