Who Can Attend?

Anyone can attend the Reunion as long as they fulfill the following criteria:

They must have completed Wood Badge Part 2 training in any section or service role.  (Note that members of Scouting as young as 16 are eligible to comple Wood Badge Part 2 training.)

Attendees who are no longer active member of Scouting, can attend as 'Friends of Scouting'.  


Gilwellians can register for the Reunion in one of two ways:

1.  Register and attend as a member of a Contingent.  The Contingent  pre-registration form must be received by July 1, 2022 to guarantee that your Contingent has a place on the field.   Contact your Area Commissioner or  the Deputy Area Commissioner - Training if you are not certain about which Contingent you might register with.

2.  Registering in person at the Reunion as a Walk-In.    Walk-in registrants will receive their kits when they register at the Bue Heron. 

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2022 Log n Beads


This year's Log n Beads!

2021 Log n Beads


Look back at all that happened at this year's virtual reunion!

2021 Ontario Virtual Gilwell Reunion Crests and Pins


Items for sale

 Ghost 2021 Years Crest $3.00

Ghost 2021 Years Pin $5.00

Virtual Crest $4.00

total numbers of entries : 12
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