Who Can Attend?

Anyone can attend the Reunion as long as they fulfill the following criteria:

Have completed Wood Badge Part 2 training in any section or service role.***

Be a registered member of Scouts Canada, BP Guild 1 or BSA.

Attendees who are no longer active members of Scouting, can attend as Non Active Scouting Members but additional screening forms are required *see registration*, you are unable to spend the night on the property (See suggestions of where to stay under Camping) and are to stay in sight of registered Scouters.

The forms can be emailed or brought with you to reunion.

New this year, Active Scouters who are currently working on their Part II are able to attend for the day Saturday for mentoring opportunities and get a taste of all the fun you will have at the next reunion when you have your beads!

Gilwellians can register for the Reunion in one of two ways:

1.  Register and attend as a member of a Contingent.   

 The Contingent  pre-registration form must be received by July 7, 2023 to guarantee that your Contingent has a place on the field.   Contact your Area Commissioner or  the Deputy Area Commissioner - Training if you are not certain about which Contingent you might register with.

2.  Registering in person at the Reunion as a Walk-In.
 Walk-in registrants will receive their kits when they register at the Bue Heron. 
*Please refer to the Registration Section to see all the necessary charts and forms needed for Active and Non Active Members of Scouting. 

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2021 Log n Beads


Look back at all that happened at this year's virtual reunion!

2021 Ontario Virtual Gilwell Reunion Crests and Pins


Items for sale

 Ghost 2021 Years Crest $3.00

Ghost 2021 Years Pin $5.00

Virtual Crest $4.00



We are less than six months to Reunion and the big question on everyone's mind is will we have an in-person Reunion.

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